We are OPEN as an Essential Service, at limited capacity during the current Lock down to assist in your cleaning needs.

Personal - Pay as You Go

Personal - Pay as You Go

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Get your laundry done with us as you need it. $2.00/lbs

Please select this option on our Personal - Pay as You Go - Pick up Request product page.

All pick up’s and drop off’s are included at $2.00/lbs

Sometimes life gets away from us and we end up with piles of laundry. Let us help you catch up and get back to your normal schedule. 

Do you have an awesome large comforter that should really be washed but is way too big for your washer at home? Let us do that for you, we don't like hidden fee's or extra costs it's still just $2.00/ lbs, with Free delivery!

Have you ever gone on vacation to come home with what feels like more work than what it would have been if you had just stayed home? Let us help you extend that vacation and have us get all that sand and vacation grime out of your clothes and be able to enjoy the serenity of the down time you just had. 

We offer this plan at 10% off for adults over the age of 60.
Discount code " 60PLUS "