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Personal - Prepay (750 lbs)

Regular price $2.00 $1.50 per lb

Our Prepay plans are designed for you to be you. Whether that is going out with friends or family, staying in to read a book or play some video games, we want you to connect, spend time together and do the things you love. This is Living is to truly live life to the fullest above the meager daily tasks of maintaining your belongings. 

Each prepaid plan has a max weight / lbs limit, with as many free deliveries as you need.
You can choose to schedule a time each week to have your items picked up, or you can contact us on an as needed basis.

You fill the bag we provide you with, your laundry and leave it out for us to pick up. We wash it, fold it and return it ready for you to put directly in your drawers.

15 lbs of laundry would be 1 - 1.5 residential loads

75 lbs at $1.95/lbs
150 lbs at $1.90/lbs
300 lbs at $1.80/lbs
450 lbs at $1.70/lbs
600 lbs at $1.60/lbs
750 lbs at $1.50/lbs

All pick up’s and drop off’s are included.

We offer our plans at 10% off for adults over the age of 60.
Discount code " 60PLUS "