Personal - Pay as You Go - Pick up Request

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$1.50/lbs - Personal - No Fold - Pay as You Go
$2.00/lbs - Personal - Pay as You Go
$3.00/lbs - Personal - 24 hour - Pay as You Go

Request a Pick up for our Pay as You Go members only 

1. Select the option you would like in the drop down menu
2. Add this item to your cart
3. Fill in the Pick Up request information on the cart page
4. Complete all your information all the way to checkout
5. If you don't receive an email confirming your order please contact us 
6. Billing is completed once washed, dried and weighed


*If you have a Prepay account currently with us please request your pick up through our “Personal - Prepay - Pick up Request” or you can order a “Personal - Prepay” to get started.