Where do you service?
We are currently servicing London Ontario Canada.

I have a washer and dryer, why do I need to use ASK?

At ASK we value Life. Life is about family, friends, hobbies, and just doing the things we love or being able to do nothing at all! We also value education and improving oneself, for students that means meeting with professors, serving your neighbourhood, or getting plugged into student life. It goes by fast, spend your time living.
Just ASK - This is Living!


Where do you wash my clothes?
We have a business location with commercial grade laundering machines currently located in the East end of London Ontario. All laundry is washed, folded and packed in this facility with care.


Who washed my clothes?
All clothes are washed by ASK's laundry professionals. 



Does ASK provide ironing service?
We currently do not provide ironing services. Although items are promptly folded once the dryer is done keeping wrinkles at bay.


How are my clothes handled?
Your clothes are handled like they are our own. We know how important your clothes are to you.


When can I get my laundry back?
We have a 48 hour turn over. Upon request we can offer 24 hour turn over, which may result in an additional charge. 


What if I’m not happy with the ASK service?
Please contact us. Let us know how we can make your ASK experience better.  


How many clothes equal 15lbs?
It is difficult to describe in words what this is. Basically a normal household washing machine holds 7 or 8 pounds of laundry.

15 Pounds 20 Pounds
3 pairs of Jeans 4 pairs of Jeans
2 button-down shirts 2 button-down shirts
2 pairs of shorts 2 pairs of shorts
5 t-shirts 6 t-shirts
9 pairs of underwear 9 pairs of underwear
2 towels 2 towels
7 pairs of socks 8 pairs of socks


When do you weigh my clothes?

At ASK we weigh your clothes once they have been washed, fully dried and folded. You can send them to us still wet from the pool, or off the bathroom towel rack. *Weighing clothes only applies to plans with a lbs limit or pay as you go.  Student plans are a fill your bag policy. 


What do I put my clothes into for pickup?
Student Prepays
We provide you with an ASK laundry bag. You can fill it as much as you like as long as it closes. 

Residential customers
Use whatever you like—but when you get your first delivery, we’ll package your neatly folded laundry in a ASK laundry bag for free.


How do I pay?
ASK offers payment by Visa, Mastercard, and Interac E -transfers. 


What types of washers/dryers are used?
We use front loading High efficiency commercial grade laundering machines. 


What detergents are used for my laundry?
ASK uses a Green Choice Elite Fresh and Clean Laundry detergent on all clothing items. When a stain treatment is needed we use BunchaFarmers Stain remover sticks. 


What temperatures are used for washing and drying?
We use a cold wash cycle helping keep your clothes bright. 
We use a low heat drying cycle.  


What if I have something that I don’t want dried or needs special care?
We currently do not offer service for items that need additional care then a normal washing and drying. If we notice an item needs that special care we may set it aside to ask you before we proceed.


What if I left something in the pockets?
ASK does our best to check for any objects in pockets and in your bag that shouldn't go in the washing machine. These items we will put in a small baggy to return to you in your clean laundry bag. We do our best to find these items although are not responsible for damaged items. 


What if my schedule changes and I cannot be home for my scheduled pickup/delivery?
Please contact us. We may have a neighboring residence you can do your exchange at.

Do I need to separate my clothes?
ASK separates your clothes into two categories - Lights and Darks. Your time is important to us so we do that part too!


Will my clothes shrink?
ASK uses a cold wash cycle and a low heat dryer cycle. Normal laundering items should not shrink in our cycles. 


What about sweaters and delicates?
With all of the customers useing our service. We process an ENORMOUS volume of clothing. So, currently, we do not have the capacity to offer hand wash or hang dry service.


What if I miss my pickup or drop off?
Please contact us. We may have a neighboring residence you can do your exchange at.


How can I be sure nothing is missing?
We take top priority to ensure that each customers clothing has its own washing/ folding station. We also have camera's in our facility as an extra precaution to make sure your items are safe while in our care. 


What if I give you something brand new?
We ask that if you have a brand new item that you let us know so that we can wash it separately to avoid any colour transfers.

How are my clothes folded?
Your clothes come back to you in a retail-style fold. We hand package each organized stack of clothing with a bow and ready to be placed directly on your shelf or in your drawers. 

What do I do with the ribbon my clothes were tied with?
We encourage being green and are more than happy to reuse the ribbon if you send it back to us with your dirty clothes.