ASK allows the everyday person to live a full life without the work of maintaining their belongings.

We want to see people connecting, spending time together, on the things they love and truly living life to the fullest above the meager daily tasks of maintaining your belongings.

With ASK its simple

1. You request a pick up from our site.

2. We send a friendly ASK valet to pick up your items.

3. We wash and fold your items with love and care.

4. We return your items neatly packaged and ready for your drawers.

At ASK we weigh your clothes once they have been washed, fully dried and folded. You can send them to us still wet from the pool, or off the bathroom towel rack. 


Why this service is significant and essential.

We all have 24 hrs a day with many tasks demanding our time.  Laundry is nobody’s hobby, although I am sure many would say they spend more time on this task, then on what they LOVE  doing.  The average four person family is spending an average of 130 hours a year. That's more than 5 days a year just washing, folding and sorting. It's also not including the time we spend dreading having to do it.

No access to laundry machines means a very timely trip to the local Laundromat.  Sure, in the movies they make it look fun with friends hanging out and romantic relationships blossoming, but let’s be honest....  there is nothing fun or romantic about a Laundromat.  Not to mention, when you get there just to find out all the machines are taken, or worse yet... they are closed!

Hidden costs, extra fees, and too many cleaning options are far too confusing for anyone who just wants the mundane task of cleaning clothes off their to do list. 

We have simplified this by selecting the best detergent we could find to wash your valuables.  We want to simplify your life with easy sign ups, great communication, and an experience you are not likely to forget. 

For our students -
Post Secondary education years are meant for many things, laundry is not one of them.   ASK is a simple solution to handle any laundry needs for all students.  Simply by signing up for the Full school year plan at the start of the semester you will be given a laundry bag and told what day and what time the bag needs to be full and brought to the ASK Valet outside of your residence.  These bags are designed to be packed full each week and we will have every item cleaned and delivered like new on your delivery day. 
For parents just remember this means you will be able to spend quality time with your kids during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter instead of helping them catch up on all their dirty laundry.