Student - Semester Plan

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Our Semester School year prepay is for students who want to spend their time meeting with professors, serving their community, or getting involved into student life. This is College! You fill a laundry bag we provide you, as full as you can as long as it closes. We pick it up, wash it, dry it, fold it and repeat every week! The bag we provide you fits on average 20lbs of laundry! That would be 2 residential loads of laundry a week.

All pick up’s and drop off’s are included.


*valid for 1 student only, if multiple people’s items in bag you will be charged an additional pay as you go charge.

* please send a picture of Valid current student card to receive student pricing via text or email.

Did you just find out about ASK Laundry Student plans?! Please contact us for a prorated student plan!
14 weeks - Sep 11 - Dec 15th, 2023
12 weeks - Sep 25 - Dec 15th, 2023
10 weeks - Oct 9 - Dec 15th, 2023
8 weeks - Oct 23 - Dec 15th, 2023